PlanProphet integrates live with your print MIS

What is the secret sauce? Integrate to automate, it's actually quite simple. PlanProphet connects live to your print estimating platform to deliver breakthrough analytics while automating critical everyday tasks.

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Waste no time sorting, analyzing, exporting or transferring data from your printing MIS to other third-party platforms. Run your business non-stop towards success.


What makes PlanProphet special?

PlanProphet helps your team communicate more effectively with customers and prospects while tracking every interaction. PlanProphet acts on autopilot to welcome clients, upsell, continuously engage with them, follow up on quotes and proofs, and more, much more.

Your time is precious. Optimize it!

Retrieving relevant information from your MIS can be challenging and time consuming. Therefore, analyzing data to make important decisions can become a project of its own. With PlanProphet's analytics tools, you can find trends and opportunities in seconds, not hours.

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Your business happens in Real Time, so should your marketing.

PlanProphet's automated marketing and customer experience workflows constantly operate in real time, always finding the perfect opportunity to help you land one more order or reactivate dormant accounts.

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Comprehensive solutions for the printing industry with automated workflows and data integration.

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Prophet Alerts

PlanProphet alerts use historical data as input to predict customers' future trends. PlanProphet continuously learns and compares past and current customer behavior and notifies your staff of any insights worth knowing.

Planprophet CRM

Automated Customer Experience

Welcome new accounts, follow-up on quotes, or check-in after each sale. Making your customers feel special has never been easier.

Planprophet CRM

Data Analytics

Understand your business like never before with real-time visual reports and dashboards. Connect the dots. Instantly spot and act on trends in your database.

Planprophet CRM

Sales Goals Management

Set yearly and monthly goals for your company and each sales rep. PlanProphet helps track the progress in real time.

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Proof Management

Improve your proofs approval process with a dynamic, web-based approval system. Save time and keep track of every change.

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Automated Billing

Put your accounts receivables effort on auto-pilot. Get paid faster with 75% less effort.

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Effective Teamwork

Boost team collaboration with powerful communication tools. Cut through the email clutter and eliminate handwritten notes.

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Mobile App

PlanProphet's mobile app brings the power of our platform to your fingertips. Access customer data, view and send quotes, and manage your prospects' pipeline.

Trusted by Leaders

PlanProphet is the preferred CRM and automation partner of leader sign and graphics organizations.


No matter how big or small the printing business is, we have received the most inspiring reviews from our clients. Let's grow together.

Upgrade Your PlanProphet: Explore Add-Ons!

Did you know you can enhance your PlanProphet experience with exclusive add-ons? Dive into a world of advanced features tailored to boost your productivity. From shipping to seamless integrations, explore the possibilities and customize PlanProphet to match your unique needs.


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