Customer Portal

Revolutionize client interactions and streamline operations. Tailor information exposure, control access, and visibility, and offer a branded experience. Enhance order, quote, and proof management.

Customized Experience: Your Portal, Your Power

Designed to foster enhanced collaboration between your team and clients, the PlanProphet Customer Portal provides a user-friendly interface for accessing orders, quotes, proofs, and open invoices. This module empowers your customers with 24/7 access to conveniently manage their transactions, promoting smoother communication and streamlined processes.

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Next-Level Printing: Navigate the PlanProphet Customer Portal

In the dynamic landscape of the printing industry, delivering outstanding customer engagement and operational transparency is vital for sustaining competitiveness. Clients expect convenience, autonomy, and seamless interactions when engaging with service providers. Recognizing this necessity, PlanProphet has developed a groundbreaking solution: the Customer Portal.

PlanProphet Customer Portal offers numerous benefits, aligning with the industry’s demands and enhancing the client experience:

Effortless Access

Clients can conveniently access their portal via a Magic Link, a secure and encrypted link, eliminating the hassle of passwords.

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Seamless Integration

Allows batch payments with automatic MIS-reconciliation through integration with PlanProphet Payments, providing clients with flexible payment options per order.

Seamless Integration
Customizable Settings

Tailor the portal to your preferences with customizable settings, including displayed fields, tab visibility, and branding.

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Flexible Payment Request

Define payment acceptance settings on quotes, orders, or the billing tab to streamline the payment process.

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PlanProphet's Customer Portal Key Features

Experience unparalleled customization, streamlined order and invoice management, efficient quote handling, and seamless proofing all in one innovative platform.

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PlanProphet Customer Portal empowers businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and preferences. With this functionality, users can decide what information they would like to expose to their clients, ensuring transparency while maintaining control over data privacy. Additionally, businesses can define the actions they want to allow customers to perform, providing flexibility in managing interactions and transactions. Unlike standard solutions, the Customer Portal offers the flexibility to offer client-level customizations, catering to individual preferences and requirements rather than imposing global settings.

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Order & Invoice Data Exposure

Clients can easily filter and search through their information, empowering them to efficiently manage their orders and invoices. This functionality enables customers to delve into their order history, facilitating quick reordering of past items. Additionally, clients can navigate to detailed order or invoice information, gaining insights into their transactions. Moreover, the portal offers production status updates for all active orders, ensuring transparency and enabling clients to stay informed about their projects' progress.

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Quote Management

Within the Customer Portal, customers can streamline their quote-handling process. Offering a centralized hub, they can effortlessly access and review both current and past quotes, fostering efficient decision-making. This functionality extends further, empowering them to take decisive actions directly within the portal. Customers can seamlessly approve or reject quotes with ease, while also having the capability to upload files during the approval process. Upon approval, the system seamlessly converts quotes into actionable orders, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring a smooth transition from quote to order.

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Proofing Center

With this functionality, users can access all their organization's proofs from one convenient location, streamlining the proofing process. Users can easily present all pending proofs to customers, facilitating timely reviews and approvals. Furthermore, the Proofing Center enables customers to access both current and historical proofs for reference, ensuring transparency and providing valuable insights into the progression of projects over time.

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Security is our top priority

Ensuring the security of your data is paramount to us at PlanProphet. Your client's access to their Customer Portal is made simple and secure through the use of Magic Links, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords. These links can be shared among team members for collaborative work, and to uphold security standards, they expire within 1-90 days (based on your settings).


Effortless Billing: PlanProphet Payments

To enhance the billing experience within our Customer Portal, we've developed PlanProphet Payments*. This feature automates payment applications, ensuring seamless integration into your bookkeeping processes. With PlanProphet Payments, you can collect payments faster and save time by automating the sending of statements and invoices.

*For billing integration, Printer’s Plan customers must use the Print Reach Pay.

Upgrade Your PlanProphet: Explore Add-Ons!

Did you know you can enhance your PlanProphet experience with exclusive add-ons? Dive into a world of advanced features tailored to boost your productivity. From shipping to seamless integrations, explore the possibilities and customize PlanProphet to match your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review our FAQ responses to better understand everything related to our Customer Portal feature.

The Customer Portal is a PlanProphet module that allows your clients to conveniently access their orders, jobs, proofs, and invoices through a user-friendly web interface. Furthermore, by integrating PlanProphet Payments with the Customer Portal, you can now offer your customers the flexibility to make payments in batches or on a per-order basis. (Printer’s Plan users require Print Reach Pay to process payments instead of PlanProphet Payments)

Customer Portal is available for $100 per month, with unlimited customer portals. To sign-up click here.

No, a Web-to-Print system enables customers to browse a library of items, modify designs if necessary, and place orders. PlanProphet’s Customer Portal, on the other hand, serves as an administrative tool, granting users access to existing orders, quotes, and proofs within your MIS for payment and management.

No. You can use Customer Portals without being subscribed to PlanProphet Payments. However, while your clients will have visibility over their content online, they will not have the option to make payments.

Your clients will be able to effortlessly access their Customer Portal. Instead of attaching proofs, quotes, invoices, or statements each time they’re sent out, clients will receive a secure and encrypted link. This link directs them to the necessary content. Depending on your settings, clients can navigate to other accessible content once on the portal.

For manual portal submission, access the option within each client’s contact card in PlanProphet.

Alternatively, you can send Customer Portal access to a list of customers in batch using communications.

Absolutely not! PlanProphet employs the use of Magic Links to securely authenticate your clients into their Customer Portals. By clicking the Magic Links, clients self-authenticate without needing a password, making the process seem like “magic.”

Certainly! Magic Links are shareable, but for security, they expire within 1-90 days (based on your settings). If a Magic Link expires, a new one will automatically be sent to the original recipient’s mailbox.

In PlanProphet, you have the flexibility to tailor the portal according to your preferences and requirements. Specifically, you can:


  • Specify Displayed Fields: Choose the columns to show when clients view orders, quotes, proofs, and billing.
  • Tab Visibility: Determine if clients can access all or select tabs (Orders, Quotes, Proofs, Billing).
  • Order Visibility Permissions: Specify whether users see only their orders or all company orders.
  • Historical Access: Set how far back clients can view historical orders and quotes.
  • Payment Request Settings: Define payment acceptance on quotes, orders, or the billing tab.
  • Personalized Disclaimers: Display terms or disclaimers for client review regarding re-orders, payments, etc.
  • Header and Logos Customization: Adjust portal branding to align with your brand identity.
  • Control Link Expiration: Enhance security by defining link expiration durations.

Yes, changes can be made on a case-by-case basis. Similar to other modules within PlanProphet, there are general settings that serve as defaults. However, at the contact level, you have the flexibility to customize settings which will take precedence over the global settings.

Of course! You have total control over what clients can see on their Customer Portal. Set default visibility globally in PlanProphet’s settings, then adjust on a per-customer basis. You can choose which tabs clients access (Orders, Quotes, Proofs, Billing) and how far back they can view content.

Certainly! You can easily restrict your customers’ Customer Portal visibility settings to only Billing. This adjustment can be applied universally to all clients or customized on a per-customer basis.

No. Due to technical requirements, at this time the only way to accept payments on PlanProphet’s Customer Portals is by using PlanProphet Payments or Print Reach Pay.

Yes they can! These files can be found in the “deal” that is automatically created every time a new reorder is requested.

When a client submits a reorder, an email notification is sent to the sales representative and/or customer service representative associated with the account. Additionally, additional members can be included in internal notifications as needed.

Reorders from Customer Portals currently don’t appear on your MIS. Instead, PlanProphet will send you an email notification for the reorder request and create a corresponding “deal.”

Yes, this feature is upcoming for PlanProphet users utilizing our Shipping Module.

Begin your PlanProphet experience today!


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