PlanProphet proactively analyzes multiple data points to spot customer trends and presents your team with actionable items (Prophet Alerts) on a daily basis.

Which of your customers are at higher risk of leaving you? What accounts are trending up in sales?

Prophet Alerts processes hundreds of calculations every day to answer these and many more future-dependent questions. It isn't magic, it's logic. PlanProphet continuously learns and compares past and recent client behaviors, and alerts your staff of any findings worth knowing.
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How do Prophet Alerts work? Which business areas do they analyze?

Each Prophet Alert will have a different impact on your business. A decrease in activity from a top 10 customer has a more negative impact than a customer with a lower ranking. Your Prophet Alerts will include a severity level to visually indicate the importance of each one.


Prophet Alerts routinely work behind the scenes to learn about your customers’ past ordering habits and behaviors. Once a benchmark is set of what’s considered “normal” for each customer, then any significant positive or negative change will prompt a Prophet Alert.

Not every alert is bad news. Timely detection of promising increases in customer activity is equally important. It allows your team to send an extra email or call to quickly capitalize on the growth of those customers.

Maximizing staff efficiency and resources is key to maintaining a profitable organization. PlanProphet will notify your team if a customer is requesting an unfairly high number of quotes without approving any, requiring too many design changes, or simply ignoring repeated attempts to get feedback on a proof submitted.

Cash flow management starts with ensuring your customers pay as agreed. Taking immediate action when a client approaches critical default levels ensures your team has a chance to act fast. The very day an account fails on payment terms, PlanProphet will begin providing alerts.

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