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Understanding PlanProphet Add-Ons

Our CRM and marketing automation engine offers different add-ons, each providing a distinct benefit and purpose.

A powerful module that empowers your customers with 24/7 access to interact with their orders, quotes, proofs, and open invoices conveniently. With this module, your customers can stay engaged and always informed, making it easier for them to manage their print projects.

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A streamlined payment solution that allows customers to batch-pay invoices using credit cards or checks. This feature is designed to save time and streamline your payment processes. What’s even better is that payments made through PlanProphet Payments are automatically reconciled with your Management Information System (MIS), ensuring accurate and efficient financial management.

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Efficiently manage your production’s final stage by swiftly delivering finished products to customers via various methods such as Carriers, Local Delivery, or Pickup, all while tracking progress in real-time. Customize shipments, select carriers, link to jobs, and monitor status seamlessly.

*Please note: The Shipping Module is priced at $100. However, to use this module, customers must also purchase the Advance plan of ShipEngine for $75/month (subject to change). This prepaid fee with ShipEngine grants access to essential features such as label creation, carrier additions, and address validation.

For detailed information about the Advanced plan, please refer to ShipEngine’s website.

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Integrated with Asana, provides enhanced visibility of production flows to CSRs and the sales team. Utilize the automation components of PlanProphet to streamline and optimize project management processes. Seamlessly manage a variety of projects, with dedicated boards for different production flows such as signs, print, and vendors.

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A robust online review management platform that transforms customer feedback into actionable insights. When combined with PlanProphet, this collaboration enables you to seamlessly integrate customer responses, automating and enhancing your sales process.

  • Standard Integration: Free
  • Premium Integration (allows automated behaviors): $50/month.
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If you have any doubts or questions regarding any of our add-ons, please don’t hesitate to contact us at For inquiries specifically related to PlanProphet Payments, please reach out to


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