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Expand your business by acquiring another print or sign shop - a proven strategy for sustainable growth. PlanProphet offers specialized support to ensure you can seamlessly integrate and expand your new business portfolio.

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We understand the complexities involved in negotiating terms and building trust with the seller. Our platform serves as a catalyst for establishing transparent communication channels, ensuring both parties are aligned throughout the process. With features like communication transparency and sales goals tracking, PlanProphet empowers you to navigate negotiations confidently, ultimately securing favorable terms for your acquisition.

Beyond the initial transaction, PlanProphet continues to play a vital role in managing and optimizing your newly acquired book of business. Our platform provides seamless access to crucial data, including orders, invoices, quotes, and proofs, facilitating efficient collaboration between your team and the seller. Through our collaboration tools, such as Chatter, communication becomes effortless, enabling you to address any inquiries promptly and maintain a cohesive workflow.

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CoreBridge Software is a dynamic company specializing in providing innovative software solutions to the print, signage, apparel, and similar industries around the globe. With a focus on efficiency and scalability, CoreBridge stands out in the realm of cloud-based systems. Their flagship product, often recognized for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, streamlines business processes, enhances productivity and enables real-time data access and management.

The company’s mission is to empower organizations to manage and grow their business with simplicity, autonomy, and efficiency, while providing a sense of community and purpose for employees and clients. CoreBridge Software’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement has positioned it as a global leader in its field. Discover more at


Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses streamline and automate various aspects of their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. It provides a unified platform for managing customer data, tracking leads, nurturing customer relationships, and facilitating collaboration among teams. With a focus on scalability and customization, Salesforce empowers organizations to enhance productivity, gain insights through analytics, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Discover more at

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Print Reach’s software suite of well-known products include Midnight MIS, Printer’s Plan MIS, MyOrderDesk, and most recently, Print Reach Pay. With powerful features and rich APIs, their print, mail and web-to-print software allows companies to easily control all facets of their business operations. The long-trusted and revolutionary technology allows companies to leverage their investments to gain a competitive edge and strengthen customer relationships with ease and efficiency. Discover more at


DirectMail2.0, a marketing technology firm, revolutionizes direct mail campaigns with omnichannel marketing and digital platform integration. Partnering with printers, mail service providers, and agencies, DM20 offers 14 integrations that modernize direct mail. They are also launching, an industry-first predictive analytics platform for enhanced omnichannel marketing through machine learning. Founded in 2016, DM20 has processed 1B mail pieces and executed 40,000+ digitally integrated campaigns. Discover more at