Automated Billing and Collections

A process that goes beyond sending invoices and statements.

Complete automation of your accounts receivable

The ability to integrate with Printer's Plan, PrintSmith Vision, EPMS and PressWise, along with our built-in automation engine, allows you to fully automate your billing and collections.

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Automated Invoicing

Invoices for jobs completed during the day get sent at the end of the work-day to the job buyer, company payer, or both. These email messages can include credit card payment links. You can check when clients opened the invoice email.

Automated Statements

Send statements weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Choose to include (or not) open invoices on the email in addition to the statement. You can see when clients opened the statement email.

Proactive Payment Approaching

Customize based on your payment terms. Email consistently a few days before payment is due (ex: 5 days). Send these emails to job buyers or company payers.

Payment Due / Past Due Notices

Payment Due campaigns run daily looking for jobs completed 30, 45, 60, 90+ days (or other custom dates) with a balance greater than $0. Customize this tool based on your payment terms. Send these communications to job buyers or company payers.

Collection Notices

Send automatically based on the amount due, and days due. Or select to send notices automatically based on Accounts tagged “Collection”. Maintain read receipts for invoices sent, past-due notices sent and collection notices sent.

Payment Confirmation

You can send the payment confirmation to clients and it works for all types of payment (checks, cash, credit, wire). Give your clients acknowledge receipt of payment automatically via email.
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Lora Elfstrum

Sir Speedy Sign Print Marketing, Fargo, ND / Owner

"PlanProphet really decreased our average days to pay. We were at 30 to 38 days to get paid and now we're around 18 or 19, so it's been an extreme cash flow benefit."

Explore additional benefits

Automated Order Confirmations

  • Automatically deploy order confirmation for jobs entered “today” into Printer’s Plan or PrintSmith Vision.
  • Email information can vary based on the due date, the shipping method, and the payment terms of the order.

Order Ready Notifications

  • Send when the order is marked shipped, ready to ship, ready to pick up, picked up (your choice).
  • Email information can vary based on payment terms, shipping method, pick-up, etc.

Report Subscription

  • Create a report that automatically emails weekly/daily to staff showing all customers on credit card payments.
  • Mark customers on credit retention based on jobs due automatically or by using a "Credit Hold" customer tag.

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