Shipping Management

Monitor and manage your job deliveries and pickups within PlanProphet. Easily create a shipment directly from any Account or Job.


Do shipments directly from PlanProphet

Manage the final stage of your production process by delivering a finished product to your customer in minutes through Carriers, by Local Delivery or Pickup, and keep track of it in real-time. Configure the shipment as needed, select the carrier, link the shipment to your jobs, and track the status. Notify your customer with automated communications about the stages of the process with different templates and customize and use your print shop branding in each one, looking like a more robust and professional organization, and with the personalized language you use with your customers. You don't need to learn anything new or access another system - it's all in PlanProphet!

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Streamline your shipping process

Now you and your team can see what’s going on with your shipments by bringing all the information into PlanProphet and tightly integrating it into your MIS. No extra training is required because it is all within our platform and you don't need to use another system, being able to work anywhere and automate the process as much as possible. You can impress your customers with a different experience, looking bigger and more resourceful while increasing productivity and adding more value to your organization.

You can save money by visualizing the cost of your shipments and comparing and shopping for rates, as well as setting up markups based on different rules automatically included in the shipment process. Save time by tracking and sending notifications and reminders to your customers with your branded information automatically throughout every stage.

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Manage your shipments with different carriers with ShipEngine, a shipping API and multi-carrier shipping system. Integrated with PlanProphet, this platform groups more than 100 different carriers and acts transparently as a middleware providing you with a common interface to choose between them.

ShipEngine benefits include:

  • Shipping: Gain immediate access to shipping APIs that empower you to shop rates, validate addresses, print labels, track packages, and more.
  • Rates: Real-time rates across carriers to make the best choice based on shipping cost, time to delivery, carrier capabilities, and more.
  • Tracking: Real-time tracking and delivery notifications to know exactly where the package is and when it will arrive.
  • Address Validation: Ensure the package arrives at the right destination, improving customer satisfaction and limiting unnecessary returns.

Local Delivery

Deliver your products to your customers to save money on shipping costs and improve customer experience. Directly from PlanProphet determine the Driver, Scheduled Date, and Delivery Instructions. Have all the information of your packages, and attach to the Delivery Information the Drop Off Location, the Received By, the Comments, and the Photo Proof, where you can upload an image directly from your driver's cell phone. Increase your profits for each delivery done locally.

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Have the exact location of all your orders ready to be picked up and optimize your time. Configure different pickup locations if needed and monitor all the information. You can always change the information about your established warehouses if necessary. This allows flexibility and convenience, availability, and reduces costs, and customers can collect their orders over a wider timeframe.

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