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PlanProphet, at its core, is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation engine.

It is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize and manage their customer relationships on a centralized and easy-to-use platform. By creating a comprehensive database of customer activity and prospect tracking, print shops will have a clear insight into their interaction with each customer in the buying process.

When you use PlanProphet’s engine, the software automatically integrates with your MIS, so far Printer’s Plan, PrintSmith Vision, EPMS and PressWise (others coming soon), and activates out-of-the-box marketing, sales, customer service, and operations tools and automation. Being tightly integrated with your MIS allows us to act and surface insights when it matters, which is the main differentiator from other solutions.

CRMs are powerful tools that can help you accelerate business growth while eliminating bad practices, boosting collaboration between team members, organizing your customer information, automating daily tasks, and more.

The ideal CRM can supercharge your business (especially a small one) like nothing else. A CRM system collects, organizes, and manages all customer-related information so you can streamline communication, enhance the customer experience, and improve data management.

CRMs automate daily tasks, speeding up your time-consuming activities. It includes data entry and contact records updated after each interaction, as well as follow-up communications, email sequences, and sales workflows.

Another reason is that you’ll have the opportunity to wow your customers with top-notch service, and keep them coming back, by being able to effectively manage your interactions with them in a unified view.

Additionally, a CRM system can automatically remind you of important milestones and events for your most valuable customers, so you can easily send timely communications and ensure they can consistently count on you.

Plus, CRM systems can keep all your data in one place, and fully accessible, making up-to-date reporting and accurate analysis a breeze.

A good CRM solution not only allows you to track what’s going on with your business; it helps you see where you should allocate extra resources while helping you accurately forecast future sales. If you are still not convinced, you should know that an intelligent CRM system will quickly sort and prioritize your leads so that your sales team can respond to them in a timely, efficient manner.

In case you find yourself in a situation where your customer data is difficult to locate, you might need a CRM. Spreadsheets, email, and sticky notes belong to the infancy of your business. As it grows, a CRM will allow your entire organization a single, central source of easily accessible data that can drive sales success rates and increase customer retention.

Because it was designed by printers for printers. By inception, this platform was conceived considering the pain points in our industry, so it solves those most pressing issues you face every day. For some of them, you may know the solution, but simply you don’t have the time or resources to tackle them… that is where PlanProphet comes in. PlanProphet is being used by some of our customers like that extra employee they always wanted, but they couldn’t find or afford.

Also, consider that PlanProphet is tightly integrated with your MIS so it can react in real-time to events like quotes not being followed up, invoices not being paid, or simply checking on dormant accounts.

The question then becomes… why don’t you use PlanProphet already?

Yes. It is fully integrated with Printer’s Plan, PrintSmith Vision, EPMS and PressWise (others coming soon). PlanProphet’s integration opens up a world of possibilities for automating behaviors aimed at helping you close new deals or build on existing relationships. The adaptable workflows provide support to the different stages of an order cycle: pre-sale, during the sale, and post-sale.

Different from other integrations you may have heard about, PlanProphet is deeply tight to your MIS in real-time. This means that information updated in your MIS will be immediately updated in PlanProphet. We are not talking here about basic contact or customer information, we are referring to the actual orders, every customer detail… you name it. If it provides value to manage the relationship with your customer… PlanProphet will have that data available for you. This is true integration, not what you have experienced before.

We have two groups of automations: core business automation and communications.

Core business automations are those we created embedded in the platform that has default behaviors with limited customization. There are three core business automations: Invoice & Statement Automation, Quote Follow-Up, and Proof Follow-Up. These automations save you time by automatically sending invoices and statements to your customers and following up automatically on quotes or proof sent.

The second group are automated communications. It’s a simple workflow where you first select the recipients based on your desired criteria by using reports, then link that data to an HTML email template and finally schedule the communication to be sent on a recurring or one-time basis. Do it once, and forget about it. It will always run based on your specifications and just the recipients that match the criteria specified in your report will get the communication. We have three types of communications: Business, Marketing, and Feedback communications. Business communications are designed to be used to notify customers of key events related to their interaction with your company while Marketing communications should be used to promote new products or services. Lastly, Feedback communications are an ideal way to ask for reviews or referrals sporadically.

We have grouped the main features of PlanProphet into 10 key elements: CRM, Forecasting, Customer Experience Automation, Marketing Automation, Interactive Reports, Visual Dashboards, Automated Billing, Proofs Management, Collaboration, and Mobile App.

Overall, PlanProphet can help shorten sales cycles and improve win rates. By focusing sales and marketing teams on customers with the highest profit potential, you can minimize wasted effort. Additionally, the software can help you identify unprofitable or troublesome customers who need special handling.

By automating regular tasks, the system minimizes manual procedures and reduces the amount of time spent on them. In addition, the integration with Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith provides a unified view of all the information allowing you to better operate your business.

If you have already decided, you can start right here. You will find a form where you must enter the information required to create your account. Your submission will be reviewed and we will contact you shortly to get started.

Request a demo and see how PlanProphet can make an immediate impact on your business. Get instructions here. It is fast and easy.

Have you heard about support tickets before? If you have questions about PlanProphet features, you are more than welcome to visit our Help Center where you can find detailed articles describing the different modules of the application. However, maybe you prefer more direct communication, in that case, you can submit a support ticket and our agents will immediately work on it.

When you submit a support ticket, just keep in mind that this process would be more efficient if you offer all the detailed information about the request including visual support when it applies (screenshots or screen recordings). If we can see what you see, we can help you faster.

As soon as you think the issue is resolved, you can close the ticket yourself. All the information you have received from the support agent will be stored in your ticket so you can reference it in the future if you need it.

The Help Center can be one of your best allies. We have all the guidance you need. It’s a library of extensive information, divided into chapters and articles. The content has different main topics related to everything you can achieve with the software. Take a quick look at how the Help Center works.

We strongly recommend that you start reviewing this information following the chapters in order, but depending on your level of familiarity with PlanProphet, you can go directly to the search box (top right-hand side) and start searching different terms that you are interested to know more about.


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