Visual Dashboards

Dashboards offer a solution. By condensing multiple reports down into visuals, such as graphs charts, tables, and metrics, and displaying those visuals on a single page, analytics dashboards allow business decision-makers to review significant amounts valuable information at a glance.

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Make sense of your data

With unfathomable amounts of new data being created daily, organisations are rushing to mine as much valuable information as possible. This information can then be used to refine company processes and campaigns, to better identify customers and customer needs, and to recognise emergent trends.

Fully customizable

Everything is ready for you to move, resize, edit or delete components. Display the information that you want to see in seconds. You can modify each aspect on the dashboards or create your own according to the most specific of your needs. Also, you can access your dashboards from the palm of your hand using our mobile app.

See what really matters, get rid of the noise

Your dashboards will remain 100% relevant to the needs of your business. Decision makers can then see the information that they want, without having to wade through the data that they don’t need.

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Let your creativity flow

You can display specific dashboards on large screens in the production area, so your staff can have better visibility of the information. Be an inspiration and encourage your team members to use and analyze data to achieve better results.

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Comprehensive solutions for the printing industry with automated workflows and data integration.

Prophet Alerts

This tool processes hundreds of calculations every day to answer these and many more future-dependent questions. It isn't magic, it's logic.
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Proposals Follow-Up

PlanProphet will not let the buyer forget the proposal you sent. It works on your behalf. This is just one of the customer experience automation features.
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Automated Workflows

PlanProphet allows you to act on your data with marketing communications triggered directly by customers' events and milestones.
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Interactive Reports

Find simple answers to complex business questions in your data. Learn what, why and what to do about it with transparent, understandable AI models.
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Mobile App

Customize all the pinned elements in the home in a simple way. Enjoy this mobile tool to do the same things that may take you a little longer if you are on desktop mode.
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Close Collaboration

Effective and powerful tools to engage with your team. Keep a history of your interactions for you to review the details at any time.
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