Customer Experience Automation

The simplest of tasks can have the greatest impact on your bottom line. Yet, those are the ones that typically get forgotten the most. Let's put them on auto-pilot!

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Business Automation

PlanProphet automates customer-facing communications to immediately boost productivity and customer experience. These communications are sent on auto-pilot based on events happening directly from your MIS, ensuring timely precision while still providing the personal touch your customers expect.
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Sunir Patel

YesPress Graphics Owner Westerville, OH

I am happy with this program and the thoroughness of the team. We are already receiving feedback from clients who have not ordered in a while. We are also getting reviews, based on order follow-ups that PlanProphet is sending out.


Quote Follow-Up

Increase your chances of winning quotes by 17% using Quote Follow-Up workflows. PlanProphet checks daily for quotes sent not won yet, and automatically sends follow-up emails to your customers at intervals of your choice. If the quote is won or marked lost on your MIS, the auto follow-up sequence stops automatically. Quotes follow-up can be sent on behalf of the CSR or salesperson assigned to the account for maximum personalization.

Inactive Account Check-Ins

Continuously staying in touch with dormant accounts is critical in ensuring maximum retention of existing business. On a daily basis, PlanProphet will identify and automatically check-in on buyers that haven't ordered in 6, 8, 10, or 12 months, attempting to recapture their attention. On average, we'll reactivate 5 dormant accounts every month.


Post-Sale Check-Ins

Exactly a week after a job is completed, an automatic notification is sent to your customer inquiring about their experience and asking for a google review. This will provide important insights into the relationship with your customers, leading to a better customer experience. In addition, PlanProphet's post-sale behaviors provide a simple way to automatically boost your google reviews. To ensure that frequent buyers don't get asked too often, you'll be able to adjust how many months to wait before we inquire again.

Order Confirmations

An automatic order confirmation is sent to your customers by the end of the day, providing more details about the order they submitted. For maximum flexibility, order confirmations can be customized to pull and share any data included on your print MIS's work order.


Order Completed Notifications

Once an order is completed, your customer will be notified automatically, letting them know if the order is ready for pickup or is scheduled to be delivered or shipped. This will help increase order management efficiency within your organization.

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Dan Tiedt

PIP Printing and Marketing Services, Iowa City, IA / General Manager

"One of the things we utilize it for is to send out requests for a Google review about a week after the job goes out, and we've added probably 50 reviews in the last year. We average probably 3 reviews a month from that, so it's really helped boost the search engine side and seems to help with the organic side of search.”

Custom Workflows

The sky is truly the limit with PlanProphet's customer experience automations. You can create unlimited behaviors to adjust to your specific organization's needs.

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