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Focus on team collaboration to maximize operational efficiency

“PlanProphet’s integrated communication tools can foster better team communication and collaboration on your tasks and projects.”

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A truly integrated CRM that automates customer experience

“In addition to providing a first-rate CRM, PlanProphet runs on auto-pilot to boost sales and improve productivity.”


Plan for Profitability with PlanProphet

“A look at PlanProphet: a specialized, complementary solution to your print MIS that acts as your business virtual assistant.”


PlanProphet’s Lemay Sanchez on Print Business Optimization

“Pat McGrew and Ryan McAbee talk to Lemay Sanchez, managing director of PlanProphet, about how PlanProphet helps printers optimize their businesses by automating small but critical tasks that are involved in the day-to-day administration.”


Lemay Sanchez of Plan Prophet Talks About CRM Automation

“Kelley Holmes talks to Lemay Sanchez, Managing Director of Plan Prophet, a Salesforce-based CRM automation engine that integrates directly with Printers Plan and PrintSmith, with support for additional MIS systems soon to be added.”

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Reach your goals with a reliable CRM

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