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Champion Summit

PlanProphet's annual conference intended for existing users as a way to perfect their CRM and marketing automation skills. As well, is the perfect time to share experiences in the world of automation and best practices in the printing industry, all in the spirit of collaboration and partnership.

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PlanProphet’s next Champion Summit will be held in January 2024. In this user conference, you can learn more about our CRM and marketing automation engine and the significant changes it can offer to improve your print shop. All Owners, Managers, CSRs, Sales Representatives, and Champions are invited to attend.

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Champions Summit 2023 Overview

Our most recent Champion Summit took place on January 19th and 20th, 2023. Numerous industry experts shared their experiences and knowledge about our CRM, improvements, how it benefits their businesses, and how it helps them run their print shops more efficiently and effectively. The PlanProphet team is grateful that our customers were satisfied, having met the main objectives of the event and provided necessary and useful information. We presented details about the Communications, Shipment, and Project Management modules of our platform and our latest enhancements. We talked about Reports and Dashboards, Billing Automation, and Proof Management, and discussed technology as a function of business development, efficiency and communication in teamwork, and strategies for achieving goals in today's market. Also, on how to build a successful an organization-wide sales culture with tools and practices that engage and support your customer service and sales team.

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