Youtube Morgan DiGiorgio
Youtube Morgan DiGiorgio
Youtube Morgan DiGiorgio

Morgan DiGiorgio: Unveiling DirectMail2.0

In today’s swiftly evolving digital realm, traditional marketing avenues such as direct mail encounter fresh hurdles. However, innovative minds like Morgan DiGiorgio, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DirectMail2.0, are reshaping our understanding and utilization of print marketing. In a recent exchange spearheaded by Lemay Sanchez, CEO of PlanProphet, within the PlanSuccess series, we delved deep into the fusion of technology and print marketing, gaining invaluable insights.

Empowering Print Marketing Through Innovation

DirectMail2.0’s mission is clear: to make direct mail the most effective form of marketing by integrating cutting-edge technologies. By seamlessly blending physical mail with digital solutions, DirectMail2.0 enhances tracking, reportability, and overall campaign effectiveness. Morgan emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between offline and online channels to provide marketers with actionable insights and tangible results.

Proving the Efficacy of Direct Mail

Historically, direct mail has struggled with tracking ROI and demonstrating its effectiveness compared to digital channels. However, DirectMail2.0 addresses these challenges head-on by offering real-time reporting and omnichannel marketing solutions. By repeating messages across digital platforms, DirectMail2.0 drives a significant lift in campaign performance, ensuring that direct mail remains a competitive marketing channel in today’s digital age.

Empowering Print Businesses for Success

One of DirectMail2.0’s key objectives is to empower print businesses to leverage their platform successfully. Through hands-on training, dedicated consultants, and extensive marketing resources, DirectMail2.0 equips print businesses with the tools they need to differentiate themselves and attract new customers. Morgan shared a recent success story where a print partner secured a million-dollar contract using DirectMail2.0, highlighting the tangible impact of their platform on driving revenue and expanding business opportunities.

DirectMail2.0 also participated in our Champion Summit 2024, where they shared valuable insights and strategies for print businesses to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. We invite you to watch the video of this insightful conversation and learn more about DirectMail2.0’s innovative approach to print marketing.

For inquiries and deeper insights into DirectMail2.0, feel free to connect with Morgan DiGiorgio via email at

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