Meet Our Customers: Curry Printing Massachusetts

PlanProphet offers a host of benefits, including automated communications, to foster stronger customer relationships. By leveraging our platform’s automated communication features, print shops can enhance their customer interactions and streamline communication processes. From personalized order confirmations and status updates to targeted promotional campaigns, PlanProphet empowers businesses to deliver timely and relevant messages to your customers.

Continuing with our “Meet Our Customers” testimonial series, we are excited to introduce Drew Hirtle, Director of Client Sales & Service at Curry Printing Massachusetts. According to Drew, the primary benefit of the platform is its ability to create “stickiness” or a strong connection with customers. By utilizing automated features, businesses can establish processes that require minimal manual intervention but still operate seamlessly.

This allows for the development of relationships without extensive effort. Drew emphasizes the significance of this advantage, stating, “Which is huge because if you’re keeping connected with your customers, then they’re going to stay your customers.” The ability to effortlessly maintain customer engagement is a key aspect of our platform value, ensuring long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Ensure that every customer feels valued and well-informed throughout their journey by experiencing the power of PlanProphet’s automated communications. Witness how it revolutionizes your customer relationships, elevating your print shop to new levels of success.

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