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David Ashkenaz’s Consulting: From Print Shop Owner to Software Expert

Continuing our Plan Success series, this time our Managing Director, Lemay Sanchez, had a conversation with David Ashkenaz, an independent consultant specializing in Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith Management Information Systems (MIS). With over 25 years of experience in the printing business, David’s is widely recognized and sought after across numerous regions, spanning from Alaska to Florida within the United States, as well as including Canada, the Bahamas, and the United Kingdom. He provides invaluable assistance to fellow printers, aiding them in installing, setting up, and optimizing their Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith systems, and soon to come, PlanProphet.

From an early age of 13, David immersed himself in the printing business, starting at his parents’ print shop in New York City. As the years went by, he gradually took on more responsibilities. By the time he reached college, working part-time in print shops had become a daily part of his life. After graduating, he relocated to Miami and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing his own business.

By 1979, he owned and managed a print shop in Florida. Through strategic growth, he transformed the business from a single location into a network of five, earning recognition as one of the Top 100 Quick Printers in the US. After owning and operating print shops for over 25 years in the Dade County area, David made the decision to sell all five locations. This marked a turning point in his career as he shifted his focus towards obtaining certification in PrintSmith and embarked on a consulting path to assist fellow printers.

In his consulting role, David now guides printers in harnessing the power and functionality of Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith, emphasizing the benefits of these software solutions in effectively pricing print jobs, streamlining workflow, and monitoring profitability. After many years as an independent consultant, David’s expertise extends to installing and training printers of various sizes, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to optimize their operations through effective utilization.

He can provide detailed demonstrations on how these software solutions can integrate into your business and the correct way to utilize them. His extensive firsthand knowledge in the printing industry makes him possess a deep understanding of both the systems and the specific challenges faced by print shop owners, which enables him to offer valuable guidance and support to users.

Print shop owners greatly benefit from his comprehensive knowledge, as well as his profound understanding of their business operations and the unique obstacles they encounter. This experience of using the programs in real-world situations is one of the main reasons for his success and the high level of appreciation he receives from print shop owners. In addition to his role as a Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith Consultant, Ashkenaz is also a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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