PlanProphet expands integration with enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS)

PlanProphet, a print industry leader in CRM and marketing automation software, today announced an integration partnership with renowned Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS). This new collaboration enables EPMS users access to PlanProphet’s cloud-based software to leverage advanced business analytics, automation of key day-to-day sales and customer service tasks, and immersive proof management workflows.

“This partnership will give EPMS the ability to provide our clients with an exceptional best-in-class CRM, marketing automation and sales force management tool that has been developed specifically for the print industry”, said Mark Andersen, President of EMPS. For over 30 years, EPMS has provided a comprehensive and flexible print management solution to over 400 printing and packaging companies. Printers have turned to EPMS because it offers customizable end-to-end solutions that adapt to offset and digital printing, wide format, flexo labels, packaging, apparel, and screen printing.

Lemay Sanchez, Managing Director of PlanProphet, comments that “the addition of EPMS to our family of supported MIS means a great deal to our team as it expands the number of print organizations that can benefit from our service. We are committed to continually innovating and providing tools for the print industry that enable maximum operational efficiency and scalable growth.”

PlanProphet provides printshops with ground-breaking customer data analytics while automating staff-intensive billing, customer service and sales activities. EPMS joins eProductivity Software’s PrintSmith and PrintReach’s Printer’s Plan as the third MIS supported by PlanProphet.

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