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Dive into our video training courses and participate in our live weekly adoption sessions to enrich your adoption journey and deepen your understanding of our platform.

At PlanProphet, we aim to seamlessly guide our customers through the adoption process. With a wealth of tools and resources at your disposal, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the value of our platform within your organization.

Weekly Adoption Sessions

Engage in real-time Q&A sessions with our expert adoption consultants, fostering continuous learning and support.

Shipping Module

Project Management Module

Customer Portal Module and PlanProphet Payments

Open Forum

Session to discuss or ask any topic related to PlanProphet

Video Training Courses

These videos showcase each module of PlanProphet, providing step-by-step demonstrations of how to utilize them effectively. 

*Please note that while some terms or functionalities may have been updated, the core usage of the modules remains unchanged.

01 - Welcome to PlanProphet

Why a CRM? A brief introduction to our mission, and how using PlanProphet will impact your business.

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Learn about the advantages of PlanProphet CRM through testimonials from some of our users and how they use it for their specific needs.

02 - Initial Company Setup

Learn how to configure your initial company setup by entering your company information, setting your company-wide and individual goals, and making sure the default configurations for quotes and invoices are correct.


Steps to introduce your print shop information, such as company name, address, phone number, website and signature with logo.

Steps to configure, test, and validate a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record with GoDaddy and Network Solutions service providers to improve deliverability in your Domain Name System (DNS) and reduce spam and fraud.

Steps to configure Domain Keys Identified Mail in GoDaddy and Network Solutions Service Providers and publish CNAME and Alternate CNAME to give recipients confidence with signatures that prove email consistency and authenticity.

Learn how to complete this mandatory company setup and get your system ready to activate PlanProphet automation processes.

03 - Initial User Setup

Set up your user’s photo, email signature, and chatter, and learn more about Einstein Activity Capture.

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Set up the basic user settings that everyone can see, like the profile picture and personal signature, and confirm your chatter notifications.

Learn how to complete this mandatory user setup in four simple steps and get your system ready to activate PlanProphet automation processes.

04 - Navigating PlanProphet

Learn how to navigate through PlanProphet, the Home Page, and all the clickable information it provides, access the information grouped on the tabs and the details it offers depending on the user, and how to use the search bar to quickly find what you need.

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Learn more about all the information displayed in a single screen and divided into different sections when you log in to PlanProphet, such as recent customers’ information, sales, and financial details.

05 - CRM & Collaboration Tools

Learn more about PlanProphet’s tools to help you plan, and track interactions with customers, prospects, and your team members.


Learn how to work with the activities found next to invoices, quotes, and every customer page within PlanProphet. The Activity tab shows a complete timeline of every interaction with a customer.

06 - Customers

Discover how you can better understand and interact with your customers.

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Learn how to quickly access your customers’ information, rankings in a given time period, comparison to a previous time, past rolling, and reports and charts created with that information.

07 - Prospects

Here you will find all information about Prospects, such as creation, categorization, activity log, assignment to a sales representative, synchronization with MIS, segmentation and import of Prospects lists.


Learn more about the default categories into which prospects are classified, which you add either through your estimating platform or within PlanProphet.

08 - Forecasting

Learn how PlanProphet Alerts can help you identify problem areas and opportunities in your business based on your database information.


Discover how alerts are automatically generated for your top 100 customers by identifying buying patterns and behaviors and comparing them between different time periods. The Alerts have different severity levels, both positive and negative, and can be fully accessed by clicking on them.

09 - Communications

Fully understand the communication process and use the information from your estimating platform to generate customized business and marketing behaviors.


Introduction to the key benefits of communication and how it works, and how PlanProphet collects all historical information from both your estimating platform and PlanProphet’s customer database to create reports and automation rules to interact with your audience.

10 - Business Automation

Business automations in PlanProphet are helpful tools that automate the processes of Accounts Receivables, Quotes and Proofs follow up.


Learn the differences between these two powerful platforms and how their features allow you to better communicate with your audience in different scenarios.

11 - Proofs

Learn the steps to optimize your approval process using PlanProphet’s Proof Management System, and the structure of a Proof, how to create it, how to revise it and create a new version, check the information of all your Proofs, and how to act on behalf of your customers to register changes.


Get a better understanding of the Proof Module from the customer’s perspective. Learn the anatomy of a Proof and the information it contains pulled directly from your estimating platform.

12 - Jobs

Learn how to access all information on orders and quotes.


Learn how to access all information about jobs, quotes, orders in progress, the historical data of orders under the Jobs tab, and how the different categories are divided.

13 - Reports

Learn how to customize existing reports and create personalized reports according to your needs, visualize them and make them interactive.


Learn where to find the default reports in different places in PlanProphet, how to filter them, and how to deal with the different types of reports that exist and where they are stored.

14 - Dashboards

Dashboards bring you maximum reporting efficiency by consolidating your favorite reports into a single screen.


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Learn how to generate and access fully customizable dashboards that allow you to combine different reports, either standard reports or the ones that are custom created by you, into a single screen.


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