Promote to your customers other types of products and services that they have not yet requested.

Associate a Deal with a Customer

Start a management process to sell them a certain product or service. We can identify these business opportunities in our customers, considering their history with our print shop and offering them proactively. They are not Quotes, but a sales effort whose process can be monitored more easily in a similar way to the Prospect stages. The information they contain will be stored in PlanProphet to assist in sales efforts and does not go into the MIS.

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Follow the process through its different stages

By default, our platform allows you to assign 10 different stages to your deals which are available for every deal in PlanProphet. Stages are customizable and you can add any according to your needs, always visualizing it as a sales process and considering which phases or steps you want your sales team to follow.

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The Difference with Prospects

In PlanProphet we consider all potential customers who do not yet have any orders as Prospects. The moment a Prospect generates an order, they automatically become a Customer, even if they do not request any other order in the future. Therefore, Prospects are any person or company with the necessary characteristics to become one of our customers by purchasing one of our products or services.

Deals are a solution to a need

Organize all kinds of activities to sell other products and services to your active customers and record those actions in PlanProphet. You can add a new deal from the Deals tab on the global menu, or simply go directly to the Customer you want to make a promotion and click on the Deals tab. Deals have different types of List Views, but there is the possibility of creating new lists, as well as assigning which will be your defaul

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Leverage PlanProphet data

Go to any specific Job and notice that in Details in the Converted from Quote field, we can assign a Deal created, and once associated, it is displayed within the Deal information. This allows you to generate Reports where you can group, for example, Deals with associated Jobs and identify what was generated through the Deals.

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