Communicate straight from your business' core.

The way it should be.

Printer's Plan runs your business. It's all there: key accounts, contacts information, orders, estimates, history and receivables data. Plan Prophet systematically processes this information, and acts on it on your behalf.

Business Automation:

Several accounts' events and behaviors should trigger an immediate response from your organization. Sometimes it's these simple tasks that make the biggest impact in your bottomline - and yet are also the ones to get forgotten the most. Sending statements timely, or routinely following on proofs or proposals are some of the features covered by PlanProphet's Business Automation processes. Continue reading below for more details.

Marketing Automation

You are doing it now, but not in the most efficient way.  E-mail marketing campaigns currently require you a rather lengthly process:  first identify required filters from your MIS, then export the list only to be re-uploaded to your marketing communications platform of choice. Next time you wish to engage with your clients again, the choice is "rinse and repeat" the steps again, or run with the previous and by now outdated list.  PlanProphet let's you act on your data with marketing communications triggered directly by customers' events and milestones. No more exporting data for e-mail campaigns, or marketing to ancient data. See more details below or view the marketing automation workflow.

Business Automation


Automated daily invoice submission of orders marked completed on Printer's Plan. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly statements submission, together with copies of invoices with open balance.

Proposals Follow-Up

As long as a proposal submitted is not won yet, PlanProphet will re-send it to the buyer on your behalf, at pre-determined number of times and intervals. 

Proofs Approval 

PlanProphet's Proofs Approval process keeps a tight leash on your jobs pending customer feedback. Proofs will be automatically re-sent to customers on a daily basis, until one client approves job, client requests changes or client postpones decision to a later date of their choice.

Reviews & Feedback

PlanProphet automatically follows up on all orders delivered on your behalf to ensure everything is in order. Positive feedback from customers will lead to a request to review your business online. PlanProphet knows not to bother your clients with every-single-order, smart logics are in place. 

Marketing Automation

New Customers Journey

New customers added to Printer's Plan can automatically follow a personalized Journey during their first year of tenure. The journey begins with a warm welcome email, is followed with several informative communications about your business throughout the next few months, and ends with a "Happy 1st Anniversary" celebration. 

Existing Customers Journey

Existing customers also receive plenty of attention. Several communications can be personalized to engaged with your entire client base throughout the year. It all happens seamless. Set it once, and let PlanProphet handle the rest. 

Dormant Accounts

On a monthly and ongoing basis, PlanProphet will attempt to recapture lost accounts. Marketing emails will be sent on your behalf and tasks will be created for your staff.

Custom Filtered Marketing

Generate a custom filtered report, and act on it by assigning a marketing email campaign directly from it. Want to send a quick special thank you to every client who purchased $5000 or more last month? Easy task.

Milestone-Specific Marketing

Never let another important customer milestone go unnoticed. Certain client achievements deserve special attention: an email sent, a reminder added to send them donuts, or maybe a phone call task assigned to the salesperson in charge. Activate the milestones you'd like PlanProphet to oversee, and we'll take it from there.