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Don Kirkland1
Don Kirkland1

Meet Our Customers: ArborOakland Group

Step into a world where accessing and understanding your clients’ data is as easy as flipping a switch. With PlanProphet’s innovative customer view feature, you can effortlessly gain deep insights and detect patterns in your clients’ behavior, all in record time. We understand the importance of visibility, especially in industries like print shops, where planning is key to success. That’s why we provide you with all the data you need to plan effectively and cater to your client’s needs like never before.

In our exclusive interview, Don Kirkland, Owner and President of ArborOakland Group, shares how PlanProphet has transformed their print shop, allowing them to focus and engage with their clients on a whole new level.

Don emphasizes the significant improvement in visibility that PlanProphet brought to their organization, particularly for their sales team. He highlights how PlanProphet’s dashboards provide real-time insights at both user and salesperson levels, unlocking the potential of data already available in their MIS system. This newfound visibility has sparked encouragement, improvement, and focus, driving tangible results for ArborOakland Group.

But the impact continues beyond there. Don underscores how PlanProphet has revolutionized their proofing process, providing unparalleled visibility into every proof and accelerating job flow exponentially. This enhanced visibility means shorter lead times, increased customer responsiveness, and ultimately, a more efficient operation.

ArborOakland Group, with over 50 years of experience, has been a cornerstone in providing marketing solutions for corporations, educational institutions, municipalities, and ad agencies. Their commitment to speaking visually to their customers aligns perfectly with the transformative power of PlanProphet, ushering in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in the print industry.

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