Youtube Mark Andersen Low
Youtube Mark Andersen Low

Print Industry Transformation: PlanProphet and EPMS Forge a Powerful Partnership

PlanProphet and Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS) have successfully integrated and synchronized their systems, enabling EPMS users to utilize PlanProphet’s cloud-based software. This collaboration between our CRM and marketing automation engine and their Management Information System (MIS) offers advanced business analytics, automation of sales and customer service tasks, and immersive proof management workflows, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

As part of our Plan Success sessions, our Managing Director, Lemay Sanchez, had a conversation with Mark Andersen, the Owner, President, and CTO of EPMS, regarding the establishment and growth of the company. The inception of EPMS originated from an idea that emerged during a traffic jam, and Mark, along with his mother, brought it to life in 1989. Acquiring a struggling company that developed estimating software for the printing industry marked their initial endeavor.

Then, with limited knowledge of the printing industry and software development, and without a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, Mark embarked on a journey of learning to code. Within approximately two years, he rewrote the entire platform, ensuring compatibility with the Windows operating system, which was one of his initial objectives. Through multiple iterations, he successfully created a usable and marketable software solution.

EPMS adopts an open philosophy when it comes to integration and is renowned for its willingness to collaborate with partners in the printing industry to enhance the range of services offered. The system excels in managing intricate projects with multiple components and boasts diverse capabilities across various workflows. Designed for medium-to-large printing companies, EPMS provides comprehensive solutions encompassing commercial printing, flexo, packaging, apparel, screen printing, wide format, and more.

After over 30 years in the industry, what Mark is most proud of is EPMS’ ability to maintain its independence. Despite the mounting pressure to relinquish independence, and observing many competitors selling out at various points, EPMS has managed to withstand that trend and remain true to its identity as an independent, family-owned company.

This collaboration aligns with EPMS’s short-term and long-term strategy, as it seeks a partner with expertise in the printing industry. The integration of automation tools, including alerts and reminders, combined with the capability to access real-time data from their database, has been described by Mark as “a truly wise decision.”

The inclusion of EPMS in our range of supported MIS platforms holds significant importance for our team, as it broadens the scope of print organizations that can take advantage of our services. Our dedication lies in consistently innovating and offering tools tailored for the print industry, empowering businesses to achieve optimal operational efficiency and sustainable expansion.

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