Meet Our Partners: Alliance Franchise Brands

The partnership between PlanProphet and Alliance Franchise Brands holds immense importance to both companies, their customers, and franchisees. It brings together the expertise and strengths of two industry leaders who are committed to driving innovation and success in the printing company arena. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide personalized support, cutting-edge technologies, and transformative solutions that empower franchisees to achieve their business goals. By leveraging our combined resources, knowledge, and passion, we are excited to create a partnership that revolutionizes the industry and helps our customers thrive in a competitive market.

As part of our “Meet Our Partners” testimonial series, we are glad to share the opinion of Lauren Phillips, the CRM Administrator of Alliance Franchise Brands (AFB). In her experience, franchisees using PlanProphet have recognized immediate benefits, with many providing positive reviews about the platform and reporting a great return on investment. She highlights that the best aspect of this collaboration is the strong working relationship that exists between PlanProphet and AFB.

We appreciate the partnership between Alliance Franchise Brands and PlanProphet. Together, we are reshaping the printing franchise market offering thorough assistance, advanced tools, and creative answers to equip franchisees in a competing industry. We value the chance to transform the sector and foster success together.

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