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Printer’s Plan

Integration of Printer’s Plan Software with PlanProphet as Your Management Solution

PlanProphet is fully integrated with your Printer’s Plan software and it provides a lot of necessary information, not only about the prospects we are working to convert into customers, but also about the existing customers that require the most attention and action. PlanProphet allows you to manage and maintain your existing customers by leveraging all the data and customer history from your Printer’s Plan software. PlanProphet is much more than a PRM and provides your team with true customer relationship management. Moreover, this information is presented graphically, making it much more user-friendly and easier to manage.

Why Is Integration Important?

Regardless of the size of your print store or the number of people on your team, many of the administrative tasks become redundant, tedious, and require a lot of rework. The PlanProphet platform continuously analyzes customer behavior and suggests relevant actions and data. Most of the time, it’s not just about accessing your data, but what to do with it once you find it. That’s why our CRM and marketing automation engine manage this relationship behind the scenes and on autopilot at all touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.

What Kind of Tasks Does PlanProphet Help You With?

Integration with Printer’s Plan software can make these actions automatic, so you do not miss small tasks that can mean a lot. For example, once a job is done, you can send statements and payment reminders and follow up a week later to see how the job went. You can welcome new customers as they come into your print shop, while contacting inactive customers every 6, 9, or 12 months. Follow up on quotes, or graphic design proof, automatically ask them for a Google review after you have shipped an order, or simply respond to a customer’s purchase of a product and suggest another product.

How Do You Activate PlanProphet Features?

Many of PlanProphet’s features are pre-defined, so your workflows can take advantage of the platform as soon as you join us. All you need to do is activate them and make them work. Each module in PlanProphet is completely open, so we always recommend our users to choose the modules that make their work easier. However, you can fully adopt its use in your organization in a matter of 2 to 3 months, through our specialized learning and support resources.

It also provides the opportunity to improve various facets of your print shop depending on your role within the company. If you are the owner, the Collaboration feature will provide you with communication tools to work together with your team on different projects. As a salesperson, then you can rely on our core CRM tools to determine what next action to take with a client based on historical customer data, and on trends.

Plan Prophet’s goal is to help management and sales teams succeed by connecting to your Printer’s Plan software to pull data, generate reports, and automate tasks. This gives your print shop a virtual assistant that complements your print MIS. Experience the integration of our CRM for the printing industry with your Printer’s Plan software by becoming one of our users.

If you wish to register for a one-on-one demo, request it here. If you are ready to add PlanProphet to your center today, sign up here.

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