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5 Reasons Why PlanProphet Streamlines Your Proofing Process

In addition to its core CRM and marketing automation capabilities, PlanProphet includes a powerful proofing process system. Here’s why PlanProphet’s proof module will immediately supercharge your proof approval method.

1. It’s Integrated with Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith

Simplicity promotes efficiency. That is the key to success. PlanProphet’s integration with Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith allows your team to send professional and meaningful proofs to clients in half the time it would take with traditional email.

Your team will never have to look at a job ticket again to manually write a buyer’s email address, or waste time describing the content of the proof in the subject line or body of the email. PlanProphet’s proof emails are fully customizable and can pull relevant information straight from your work order such as job number, customer name, buyer name, project tile, CSR, due date, payment terms, or job balance, among many others.

2. Proofs are Easy to Track Using Informative Dashboards

Knowledge is power. How many times did a customer get away with receiving five different revisions on a proof where you were initially estimated to have only 30 minutes of design time? How many times have you sent a reminder email to a client who still has not responded with feedback on their proof?

PlanProphet’s Proof Dashboard provides a 360-degree view of your proof approval as part of the proofing process. Quickly determine the approval status of jobs, see the total dollars held in the proof, and keep track of the various revisions a proof has required to date. PlanProphet can also proactively notify your team when a job has reached a certain number of revisions or when a client has gone a certain number of days without feedback.

3. It Automatically Follows Up on Customers

This is perhaps the fan favorite par excellence. When PlanProphet’s Proof Module was in the midst of development, several print shop owners were surveyed to determine the biggest problems in their graphics department. An overwhelming majority of respondents indicated that consistent proof follow-up was their biggest bottleneck.

PlanProphet solves this dilemma by automatically sending reminders to customers whose proofs are still awaiting feedback. In fact, PlanProphet proofs are approved an average of 1.7 days after submission. Your team only needs to get involved when PlanProphet proactively indicates that a customer has ignored your reminder emails for a few days.

4. It Enhances Your Team Collaboration

Do you pass design or change requests to your graphics team by writing comments directly on work orders or forwarding client emails to them? This practice can lead to confusion and a significant loss of time for your graphics department. You would end up having to match the emails to the work orders or verbally discuss unclear instructions with the CSR.

PlanProphet’s proofing process includes a built-in team collaboration component that allows your staff to work together and get answers faster. More importantly, the collaboration history is saved and linked to the job, for future reference, if needed.

5. Your Customers Love It

Customer Experience is King. PlanProphet provides a convenient, mobile-friendly solution that allows your customers to easily access and provide feedback on their proof. They first receive a descriptive email that links to the job number and project description. Customers are then redirected to a branded landing page where they can view the latest proof and any previously rejected versions. Customers also have the option to postpone the automatic follow-ups to a later date of their choice by using the “Delay Decision” button.

If you wish to register for a one-on-one demo, request it here. If you are ready to add PlanProphet to your center today, sign up here.

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