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PlanProphet Starts New Collaboration with The Sales Vault Education Platform

As part of our ongoing development for and with our users, PlanProphet has entered into a new partnership with The Sales Vault educational platform, a subscription-based website for salespeople and sales owners in the graphic arts industry, led by its President and Chief Content Creator Bill Farquharson.

The idea of The Sales Vault was born during the late 2020s pandemic and became not only a platform for sales-related content, but also a large community of like-minded sales people covering best sales practices in printing, signage, labels, packaging and advertising. It’s the place to find solutions to your challenges through many different resources, including the experiences of those who have already proven successful with their peers. This content is available 24/7 on demand, so you can learn at your own pace. This includes workshops, courses, sales-specific content, hundreds of videos, and thousands of articles and blogs, as well as weekly Zoom meetings on topics of interest.

Bill has been a sales coach, author and presenter for the graphic arts industry for more than 40 years. He has earned well-deserved recognition for his knowledge and experience in solving classic sales problems with new ideas, as well as for his entertaining and energetic presentations. Each live talk demonstrates Bill’s love of learning and his passion for the industry. Not to mention they are fun to listen to, they are packed with suggestions for overcoming sales obstacles that you can apply immediately!

His core message is that success is guaranteed if you create a high-value, thoroughly researched sales call to the appropriate target market through a careful prospecting process. To all his coaching clients, he makes the promise that if you apply this formula, your sales will increase.

“I’ve been a columnist for 20 years. So, the content is not my weakness. (…) We also have a live component in there where we do three live Zoom workshops every single week and we get together and talk about sales and marketing issues. So really it’s people who are marinating in sales, interested in growth, and learning from each other. It’s content and community.”

Sign up for The Sales Vault for $40/month or $425/year at and get Bill Farquharson’s digital book The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever for free. Unlock the vault and take advantage of all the content!

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