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PlanProphet at the eProductivity Software Connect 2023 Event

As part of the close relationship between PlanProphet and eProductivity Software (ePS), our team participated in the Connect 2023 User Conference & Industry Event that took place from January 23rd to 26th at the Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada. This event has been held for 23 years, and this edition was the first hosted by ePS and attended by more than 700 people.

Based on empower, evolve, and excite, the heart of this conference was the users’ sessions, which covered a wide range of products and services in-depth while educating participants on how to use different tools and solve problems. This networking was the perfect opportunity to talk about the benefits of our CRM and marketing automation engine and showcase the latest business updates and technological advances. And our users were able to talk about how our platform enhances their print businesses.

eProductivity Software (ePS) is a leading global provider of packaging and print software solutions. They are integrated into our platform through PrintSmith Vision, an automated purpose-built software technology for MIS with industry-specific point solutions. Our VP of Sales & Marketing Loredana Di Stefano spoke with Pat McGrew and Ryan McAbee about PlanProphet’s sustainable growth, new releases and integrations, and how we work to strengthen our relationship with our partners.

“I believe that customers are understanding the importance of having more technology implemented in their businesses and the importance of having all their processes automated. (…) Definitely, they appreciate the fact that they can have that extra employee and they have the chance to forget all the manual tasks. (…) PlanProphet can help them with that.”

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