Top 5 CRM Features Ready Out of the Box PlanProphet1 e1670913324675
Top 5 CRM Features Ready Out of the Box PlanProphet1 e1670913324675

PlanProphet’s Platform Top 5 CRM Features Ready Out of the Box

PlanProphet’s platform CRM features allow you to efficiently deal with day-to-day activities and save the valuable time you can devote to more important tasks. Some modules require staff adoption and training, while several others are ready for your enjoyment immediately.

Here are the top 5 staff picks of features you can use out of the box, from day one!


Having clear goals is the cornerstone of effective strategic planning. It is significant to establish your company and personal goals, but also to ensure that your entire team has visibility. With PlanProphet you can easily add company and sales rep goals, and track progress every second of the day.
PlanProphet helps your staff see goals clearly, and continuously reminds them of where they are versus where they need to be.

Quote Follow-Up:

PlanProphet’s quote follow-up module acts on auto-pilot to help you win more quotes. The moment you finish a quote, PlanProphet will follow a predetermined schedule and check in on your team’s behalf, as long as the quote is still pending or hot. If the quote is marked Lost, Won, or on Hold from your Printer’s Plan or PrintSmith, then the auto-follow-up immediately stops.
On average, we’ll improve your quote-to-order ratio by 17%.

Automated Billing:

Our built-in automation engine and its integration with Printer’s Plan and PrintSmith make manual collections a thing of the past. PlanProphet will get you paid 13 days faster, with 90% less staff effort.

Here’s how we do it. At the end of the business day, invoices for completed jobs are automatically sent via email. Additionally, statements are automatically sent bi-monthly or monthly, with a copy of each invoice reference included. Efficiency and accuracy are guaranteed.

Core Communications:

Impress your new buyers by automatically sending them a welcome email right after their first order. You can continue this “welcome journey” by automating a set of future informational emails that begin right after.

The Feedback request campaign checks in on buyers a week after their order is completed, ensuring satisfaction and asking for google reviews.
PlanProphet also checks in daily for customers going dormant for 6, 8, 10, and 12 months, in an effort to reactivate these accounts.

Mobile App:

Similarly to your computer, you can also interact with your PlanProphet account through your smartphone. This feature offers the possibility to easily customize important elements of your choice in the home menu.

With fewer actions, you will be able to navigate your system and access information in real time, no matter where you are. You can perform all the required tasks, and perfectly run your business from the comfort of your palm.

PlanProphet Works on Your Behalf

As you can see, you can take advantage of our platform and benefit right from the start. Tiresome tasks that probably took you days to complete can now be done in minutes thanks to these out-of-the-box CRM features.

If you wish to register for a one-on-one demo, request it here. If you are ready to add PlanProphet to your center today, sign up here.

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